Using Cosmetics to Hide Hair Loss

Using Cosmetics to Hide Hair Loss

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There are many cosmetic options on the market today to help women conceal hair loss, but finding a quality product that works for you can be a real challenge. Let’s look at the types available, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of using cosmetics to hide hair loss.


Types of Cosmetic Concealers 

Cosmetic concealers have become very popular in recent years and generally fall into three main categories:

Powders – Probably the most popular cosmetic for hair loss, these micro-fiber cosmetics stick to the hair using static electricity. The powder is sprinkled evenly onto areas where hair is thinning and builds density to your existing hair.

Sprays – Concealer sprays are typically a combination of fibers and dyes. The spray is easy to apply and makes your scalp the same shade as your hair. The result is a fuller-looking head of hair.

Creams – Creams cover the scalp with a heavy dye to match your natural hair color, making hair look thicker and fuller.

The Benefits of Using Cosmetics to Conceal Hair Loss

For women who are looking for an easy, natural way to conceal hair loss, cosmetics offer a quick, inexpensive solution that can be bought over the counter and has almost no side effects. 

There are many different options and colors on the market today from dozens of suppliers, and the quality of these products has greatly improved over the years. Many manufacturers have replaced synthetic dyes and other chemicals with more natural ingredients, which are better for your hair and scalp.

Many women will need to try several products to find the best fit.

The Disadvantages of Using Cosmetics to Conceal Hair Loss

Cosmetic concealers can be an effective solution for women who want to hide their hair loss without pursuing a more permanent solution, but there are some significant disadvantages to using these products.

Most importantly, concealers don’t address the root cause of the problem, so they will not prevent further hair loss. They are a temporary solution.

Cosmetic solutions are not ideal in adverse weather conditions. Because they wash out with shampoo and water, they don’t hold up well in the rain, wind or while swimming. Excessive sweating can also be an issue.

You have to match the color of the concealer to your hair color, which can be challenging. Once you’ve found the right color, application can be time consuming, and it takes practice to attain a natural look. Hair must be carefully parted, then the product needs to be applied in small sections to blend in naturally with existing hair. The process may have to be repeated several times for optimal results.

Finally, a lot of today’s cosmetic options are not specifically designed for women. Some can make hair look flat and dull and limit styling options.

A More Permanent Solution 

If you have tried cosmetic solutions and think you may be ready for a more permanent, hassle-free alternative, consider NeoGraft’s FUE (follicular unit extraction) technology. It allows you to grow natural hair from your own follicle cells — without invasive surgery or required follow-up care.

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