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Dating While Bald

It’s a common concern among balding men: "My hair loss is making it harder for me to get a date."

Dating while bald or balding can arguably be more difficult than dating with a full head of hair, but plenty of people suffering from hair loss are in happy, healthy, long-term relationships — and no, not all those relationships were...

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The Psychological Effects of Hair Loss

In today’s culture, “good hair” is often seen as a sign of strength, youth and health. Conversely, hair loss can trigger low self-esteem, feelings of unattractiveness and even depression.

The truth is, losing your hair is a stressful experience that can have a profound psychological impact on your life. Hair loss is a legitimate...

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4 Ways Hair Loss Treatment Can Improve Your Quality of Life

Many men and women suffering from premature hair loss might think to themselves, “Should I really consider investing in hair loss treatment?” It’s a fair question. After all, no matter how much your alopecia or premature balding might bother you, many people are uncomfortable spending money on themselves for something they may see...

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Is Balding Your Negative Reality?

Given the choice, most people would likely not choose to lose their hair. The emotional aspects of balding can be challenging and stressful for both men and women. Throughout history, attitudes toward baldness have been predominantly negative. Living with baldness can be difficult in a culture that views hair as a sign of youth,...

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Balding Is a Choice. So Is a Hair Transplant.

Why do many men think it’s vain to consider a hair transplant? The fact is, it has little to do with vanity. It’s about what makes you feel good about yourself.

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Hair Loss and Your Self-Confidence

An odd couple if ever there was:  hair loss and your self-confidence.  Whether you have had to adapt to hair loss over the years or you have been struck with the unpleasant realization that you’re losing your hair little by little – hair loss can be a major blow to your self-confidence.

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The Psychology of Hair and Hair Loss

Throughout history, hair has been an indicator of age, wealth, beauty, status and more. Following the trends of the day was a common practice and departure from these cultural norms often created turmoil. Because of these trends, the psychology of hair loss has far reaching effects.

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A NeoGraft Hair Transplant Gives You Great Hair and More

Hair. What a statement it can make, whether you have lots of it or none at all. Hair is a human feature that distinguishes how we’re perceived by others as well as ourselves.

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Hair Transplant Surgery: A Life and Career Changer

Challenging, economic conditions make landing the right job or holding onto a good job more difficult than ever. So with competition so intense, you want to look your all-time best for a job interview. It’s more important than ever to be at the top of your game, head to toe.

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The Emotional Side of Female Hair Loss

For some women, what’s supposed to be their crowning glory can be a weighty ball and chain.

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