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How Effective Is Follicular Unit Extraction?

There are two primary methods of obtaining hair follicles for hair transplants: strip harvesting and Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). While both are effective ways to transplant and grow hair, traditional strip harvesting has some major drawbacks.

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Using Cosmetics to Hide Hair Loss

There are many cosmetic options on the market today to help women conceal hair loss, but finding a quality product that works for you can be a real challenge. Let’s look at the types available, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of using cosmetics to hide hair loss.

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The Psychological Effects of Hair Loss

In today’s culture, “good hair” is often seen as a sign of strength, youth and health. Conversely, hair loss can trigger low self-esteem, feelings of unattractiveness and even depression.

The truth is, losing your hair is a stressful experience that can have a profound psychological impact on your life. Hair loss is a legitimate...

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Pros and Cons of Common Hair Loss Treatment Options


There are so many hair treatment options to choose from that deciding on the right one can be a challenge. Do you go with a less expensive option like a hair serum, even though it requires repetitive use? Do you choose a high-quality wig, even though you can’t change the style without buying a new wig?What about hair transplants?...

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NeoGraft: The Best Option to Regrow Your Hair

Wouldn’t the best hair loss remedy be a long-term cure that lets you regrow the hair you’ve lost, naturally and without invasive surgery? Unlike hair plugs or hairpieces, NeoGraft’s FUE (follicular unit extraction) technology lets you grow hair from your own follicle cells and requires no routine follow-up care. The hair that...

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Is a Hair Transplant Right for You?

Only you can decide whether a hair transplant is right for you. When it comes to hair restoration, there are a number of options available including topical creams, hair growth pills and vitamins, hair pieces and hair transplants. You’ll need to weigh several factors to make your decision.

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Avoiding Linear Scars With Hair Transplantation

Men and women have been treating balding or thinning hair with a surgical hair transplant for decades, but until recently, the only surgical options would leave the patient with a long linear scar across the back of the scalp, where a section of healthy hair was removed. Although the scar typically wasn’t visible once hair grew...

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4 Ways Hair Loss Treatment Can Improve Your Quality of Life

Many men and women suffering from premature hair loss might think to themselves, “Should I really consider investing in hair loss treatment?” It’s a fair question. After all, no matter how much your alopecia or premature balding might bother you, many people are uncomfortable spending money on themselves for something they may see...

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Female Pattern Baldness: You’re Not Alone

As many women age, their hair thins. It’s just a fact of life. But when compared to men, the appearance of thinning hair on women is much less accepted in the professional work environment — another fact of life.

That means women suffering from hair loss are far more likely to be self-conscious and insecure about their changing...

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The Cost of Fixing Hair Loss

Hair loss can be an unfortunate and distressing event for many men and women. If you’re unhappy with a receding hair line or thinning hair, and you’ve started to research your options, then you’re probably ready to get into the nitty-gritty details. And one of the top questions on everyone’s mind at this stage is, “What will it...

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